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Video game reviews: The Classics

In recent days video game developers have been going back to the classics. For instance the NES classic from 1983-1985, is getting a re-release sometime in early 2018. The NES classic has had some angry and disappointed fans hacking and adjusting it so that all the other fans can have all the original games. For… Read More ›

Traveling Through Music and Malibu

By Noah I. Bojorquez Music is what you make it, and it’s always so wonderful to discover new kinds. For some people, it’s there to help you out when going through tough times. It’s there when you want to jam out, even break your neck to Metallica’s self-titled. However, Malibu doesn’t make you want to… Read More ›

Music Review: Daft Punk

Daft Punk – Discovery By: Noah I. Bojorquez & Delia Serrano Four years after their successful debut album Homework, Daft Punk made music history again with their sophomore effort titled Discovery. Discovery was released in February 26, 2001. This album has a very different sound compared to the band’s earlier debut. Throughout these tracks, a… Read More ›

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

By Bryson Clark Even after the disappointment of the premiere of Batman vs. Superman, fans still had hope for a hit with DC’s Suicide Squad. In it, it is revealed that since the believed death of Superman in Batman vs. Superman, the United States government found itself in need of a team of gifted people… Read More ›

TV Show Review: Preacher

By Bryson Clark Over the summer, the AMC Television network debuted a new comic book based show. Preacher begins on a strange note, throwing the audience into the world where preacher Jesse Custard gets the power to control people by commanding them to do his will. Accompanied by a woman named Tulip and a 119-year-old… Read More ›

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