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Bomb threat on trump tower

(Eduardo Munoz/AFP/Getty Images) On February 21, 2018, Trump tower in Chicago received a bomb threat. A man had written a bomb threat in the notes app on a complimentary iPad they give to guests during their stay. The threat was found once the guest had returned the iPad to check out. The area was later… Read More ›

Russia Curler is in trouble for Meldonium

photo credit: Aaron Favila            On February 26, Aleksandr Krushelnitckii lost his bronze medal in mixed team curler. He was caught using Meldonium which is illegal to use.             It is against the rules, to be on any kind of dope during the Olympics. When he had… Read More ›

Two-Year-Old Girl Found Frozen

The two-year-old girl that froze on a porch that was from Akron Ohio was found on the porch on February 5 at 3am by her family.   Neighbors say “the girl that froze has had a bad childhood”. Other neighbors that live in the same spot neighborhood said, “the mom was always yelling 24/7 at her kids.” … Read More ›

Larry Nassar Sentencing

photo credit: January 16 Larry Nassar, who was once a world-famous sports physician that treated some of America’s famous Olympic gymnastic athletes, was sentenced to a total of 175 years in prison. He has a hearing where 156 women spoke in court and told stories about how Larry sexually abused them through his professional… Read More ›

Norovirus outbreak at the winter olympics

At the winter olympics in South Korea there has been a Norovirus outbreak. 41 security guards have been hospitalized after getting the Norovirus. 1200 other security guards have now been pulled from duty and replaced with 900 military personnel.   The security guards were suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. The outbreak came just days before… Read More ›

Man on the Run for Allegedly Killing an Officer

Photo by: Robert Ray and Nick Valencia, CNN           On January 9, 2017, Markeith Loyd killed Debra Clayton in Orlando, Florida. Debra Clayton was looking for Markeith because he had been accused of shooting his pregnant girlfriend, Sade Dixon. Debra Clayton had found out Loyd was at a Walmart. Markeith had shot… Read More ›

Tomb found in Egypt

photo credit: Mohamed El-Shahed/Agence France-Presse            On February 3, 2018, a 4,400-year-old tomb was found in Egypt by archaeologists. The tomb was of a high-ranking priestess for the Hathor, the goddess of music and love.         The tomb of Hetpet, the high priestess under the goddess Hathor. It was… Read More ›

Pentagon Loses millions of dollars

Photo by: Mandel Ngan at Getty Images           On February 5, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) found that the firm Ernst and Young, could not account for 800 million dollars while doing an audit at the Pentagon.           The money was reportedly used for military construction projects… Read More ›

Taliban Attack in Kabul

On January 27th 2018, the Taliban managed to pull off a terrorist attack in Kabul Afghanistan. The blast occured around 12:45 pm local time. The Taliban drove an ambulance filled with explosives onto a crowded street. In order to get there they passed through a checkpoint into a safe zone. This quickly turned into one… Read More ›

Wrong timing, wrong alert!

“A man in Hawaii sent a false missile alert on January 13. It caused more than a half hour of panic for people. People at the Emergency Management agency worried the drill was done wrong.” However the man who “doesn’t want to be identified for security reasons” thought the missile drill was real, said CNN…. Read More ›

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