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Sports Gambling

May 22, 2018

On May 14 of 2018 the supreme court made it a state decision to decide whether to legalize sports gambling. Before the law was challenged it stated that individuals weren’t allowed to gamble on sports anywhere within the U.S.   The federal government had a law prohibiting sports gambling until just days ago when the… Read More ›

Original Iron Man Suit MISSING

The original Ironman suit went missing. It was stolen from a warehouse in the Pacoima neighborhood in Los Angeles. It was noticed on April 25th that the suit was missing from the warehouse. The officers don’t currently have any leads on where the suit has gone but they do know that the suit is worth $325,000… Read More ›

North Korea’s Nuclear Facility Collapse

Many did not know why North Korea all of a sudden wanted peace with the United States and everyone else. Well, perhaps, this is because North Korea’s Nuclear Facility, Punggye-RI, collapsed. North Korea did their sixth nuclear test and it shook the whole test facility. It collapsed, killing over 200 people, in the underground tunnels…. Read More ›

Get Ready Eighth Graders!!!

Freshmen year can seem super scary and the closer it gets to summer the more anxious the eighth graders are for the upcoming first year of high school. The eighth graders need to be prepared because even though freshman year can seem like it’s the easiest, you still have to do your part in making… Read More ›


Featuring a story created by Hugo Delgado. Inspired by past movies and tales that he has heard. “Mateo DelSantos, please come forth to receive your award.”. Mateo comes up to the stage to receive his Atlas Medal of honor for stopping a terrorist attack releasing a disease on the world(fist targeting the U.S.A). “We the people that… Read More ›

Why do people complain so much ?

         I always wonder why people are never happy with nothing . They complain about literally everything. There isn’t one person in this earth that doesn’t complain about their life or about anything . People complain because it’s too hot, to cold. Because the music playing in the car Is annoying or… Read More ›

Bullying’s Affect on Mental Health.

Have you ever been bullied, or even bullied another peer or person? Well, it may have caused problems with their mental health or physical health. Studies have shown that, though not a direct cause, Bullying is heavily correspondent to later-in-life mental health problems. Disorders such as anxiety, depression, agoraphobia ( the fear of places and… Read More ›

“Choice of no choice”

                    Tracks New Gender Rules” Choice of no choice” Track new gender rules could exclude some female athletes.This rules will be applied starting in November 2018. Some female track athletes that have high levels of testosterone which is a sex-related hormone that affects most of the female track athletes it plays important roles in a woman’s… Read More ›

The BEST food ever!!

The smell of oranges, soy sauce, and deep-fried chicken can make anyone want to stuff their mouths with this Chinese delicacy. Just walking into a Chinese restaurant makes you crave more even after you’re full. Orange chicken is a must for anyone who likes Chinese food. Panda Express is a very popular restaurant which serves… Read More ›

Aqib Talib Signed to Rams

The rumors are true, Aqib Talib, the former Denver Bronco cornerback has been traded to the Los Angeles Rams. The L.A. Rams are looking to make an indestructible defense. The Rams have been trading constantly to devise their defense. The Rams are the fourth team Aqib Talib has played for in his NFL career.  The… Read More ›

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