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High School Without Seniors

May 23, 2018

Weld Central High School seniors have graduated this May on the 20th, in the year 2018. Many graduated with scholarships and great GPAs. Onto greater things, after completing a milestone. The only thing the seniors left behind was their empty spaces here at Weld Central. Empty desks, lunch tables, and empty classrooms. Teachers and staff… Read More ›

Dress Code Inconsistencies

  The Dress code, is it good or bad? Many people across the states, including students in Weld Central High School, have reported negative feelings about the dress code. While saying it is needed for certain issues, there are some inconsistencies and disruptive problems within it. Examples are such as being dress coded for nearly knee-length… Read More ›

A New Culture of Fear has Taken Over. What Are We Going to Do About It?

This is 2018. The year shaping up to be the worst yet in America’s history. The year in which we have had 18 school gun related incidents in the first two months. This is the age of death, of terror, of guns, of hopelessness. This is the time in which I must dread every morning… Read More ›

Valentine’s Day: Ultimate Holiday for Singles…Not

On February 14th, the 16th Valentine’s Day of my life will commence, this time on a Wednesday. The number of completed Valentine’s Days will vary across the nation, as will the results of the day. This statement will be crystal clear to everyone who has been through this holiday while in high school and/or has… Read More ›

Manual and Weld Central Begin the Healing Process

  On Thursday, November 2nd of 2017, a vehicle carrying students from Manual High School in Denver pulled up to Weld Central High School in Keenesburg, over a month after the two schools took sides over accusations of racism geared toward WC. These accusations blew up media statewide and split communities in a debate that… Read More ›

In The Memory of Our Seniors

This past August, over 600 students returned to Weld Central ready to start the 2017-2018 year. Former juniors advanced to their last year of high school, attempting to banish the memory of two tragedies hanging over their heads, as though they could rewrite and redo the events of the last few years. As our school… Read More ›

The Case of the Missing Husky

Many students at Weld Central have gotten to meet a particularly furry friend since the start of the 2017-2018 school year. The new friend is a Siberian husky with black and white fur, often seen roaming around the parking lot throughout the summer and the beginning of the school year. A few students snapped pictures… Read More ›

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