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New York City Terror Attack

Eight people were killed and twelve injured on Tuesday, October 31 in an act of Terror in New York City when a pickup truck ran through a crowd of pedestrians. A 29-year-old man rented a pickup truck from Home Depot in New York City. He then turned the truck down a bike path and continued… Read More ›

Competitve Eating

About a week after eating 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes, Matt Stonie, the famous hotdog-eating contest-winner, drove to hooters and bought 200 wings. The Competitors so called training sessions can include drinking more than a gallon of water. Competitors drink water to stretch out their stomachs so they can hold more food. As they… Read More ›

National Finals Rodeo

National Finals Rodeo is like the super bowl for cowboys. Cowboys and Cowgirls work really hard to make it through 30+ rodeos to just qualify for the NFR. The Thomas & Mac Center is the host of this famous event. December 6-17th the top 15 qualifiers in each event qualify to attend the NFR.  After… Read More ›

Iran Missile Agreement Becomes More Strict

   In 2015, the Obama administration created an agreement with multiple countries to limit Iran’s weapon and nuclear programs. Various countries around the world signed this contract. Every year, all those countries gather to confirm that they want the contract to continue. President Donald Trump had the chance to not sign it, which would have… Read More ›

Lyft Psycho

  As the weather gets colder people are more likely to use Lyft or transportation systems like Lyft to get around quicker, and knowing the dangers around these apps should be known to the public before choosing to use them.This would be useful as earlier on July 7, 2017, Angelo McCoy took a 25-year-old woman… Read More ›

Puerto Rico in Need after Hurricane Strikes

After hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria; much of the southeast United States has been left in shambles. However, that is nothing compared to what these strong hurricanes have done to Puerto Rico and other islands in that area. The expenses after these powerful storms are expected to be approximately 80 billion dollars, and it will… Read More ›

Knowledge Bowl Team is Buzzing with Anticipation

The Knowledge Bowl team kicks off the 2017-2018 school year by preparing for Matchwits, a game show based in Colorado. Knowledge Bowl practices every Friday afternoon and Wednesday morning. But lately, the heat has been on as the team fights for the top five spots- and a chance to appear on Matchwits. Matchwits is a… Read More ›

Broncos Craze Begins

It is officially football season and the craze for the Broncos is about to start! The Broncos’ first football game of the season was on September 11th, 2017.  They went against the Charger’s and took the win by 3 points, exciting the Colorado crowd. This year, a total of 16 games are prepared for the… Read More ›

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