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Rugby is a widely played sport around the globe. Sure it may not have the popularity of soccer, or football, but rugby has been saidto be an extreme sport. This spring sport is a high risk game that only daring people chose to sign up. Many big hits and crazy plays occur within the sport…. Read More ›

Derrick Rose’s Future in NBA

  Derrick Rose was once one of the NBA’s most promising and exciting players, until sadly, he tore his ACL in his left knee, ending his season with the Chicago Bulls. The reigning MVP’s career slowly became worse after that.  It’s hard to tell right now what his future in the NBA may be. After… Read More ›

Myths and Legends: The Skinwalker

Photo By https://www.newmexicoexplorer.com/native-american-skinwalkers/ There are many Native American tribes and each contains their own folklore and legends. A rather confidential legend in the Navajo tribe is called the Skinwalker.                     The Skinwalker is a Navajo Indian cryptid that is described as a medicine man or witches that have… Read More ›

Valentine’s Day: Ultimate Holiday for Singles…Not

On February 14th, the 16th Valentine’s Day of my life will commence, this time on a Wednesday. The number of completed Valentine’s Days will vary across the nation, as will the results of the day. This statement will be crystal clear to everyone who has been through this holiday while in high school and/or has… Read More ›

North and South Korea Joining teams

  In recent news, it has been confirmed that North and South  Korea will be joining teams at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The games will begin on Friday, February 9th, and both Koreas will actually be presented under one flag. The Winter Olympics will be located in Pyeongchang in South Korea. The joined teams have… Read More ›


Why Coyote Hunting is Important By Isaiah Jones and Jared Stapleton   Many people around the country have a passion for hunting coyotes and other predator animals. These animals can be hunted year round, but is better during the colder months. Hunting coyotes is something that is necessary to do in all parts of the… Read More ›

College Football Championship

Alabama vs. Georgia On Monday 8, 2018 the two best college football teams faced each other in the national college championship in the new Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia. After an exciting college football season, the final two teams remain. The Georgia Bulldogs took on Oklahoma in a double-overtime battle and overcame a 17-point… Read More ›

Lonzo Ball Is Not a Bust

The 2nd overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft, Lonzo Ball, has proven that he is not a bust, despite many critics having claimed he would be. The Lakers point guard struggled in the beginning of his first season, and the Lakers weren’t on the winning side of most of their games. So he obviously… Read More ›

Eric’s out again.

Eric’s out again.   Once again, the Safety for the Kansas City Chiefs, Eric Berry, is out with another season-ending injury. After the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Patriots in their first regular season game, Kansas City was brought with some terrible news. Eric Berry ruptured his Achilles tendon and is out for another season…. Read More ›

Lacrosse Injuries

Lacrosse! The most interesting game for some people like myself. Lacrosse is the oldest and currently fastest growing team sport. Played by both boys and girls of all ages, it is a fast paced, free flowing game. Its combination of speed, quick change of directions, stick, ball, and contract that make for a unique set… Read More ›

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