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A Counselor at Weld Central

January 24, 2018

A school counselor is a person who is trained to give guidance on personal, social, or physiological problems. Erica Edged-Kirchner is a school counselor here at Weld Central High School all year long. A short description, in her own words she gave us during her interview, Mrs. Edged said she “helps students find their passion… Read More ›

Teacher of the Month- Mrs.Jones

While being interviewed, Mrs. Jones was grading and watching her 7th hour first responder class which is just the one of 4 classes that she teaches. She teaches P.E. at our school, this includes, Aerobics, Dance, First Responder, and Athletic Training. Here is a little look at who Mrs. Jones is! Q: How long have… Read More ›

Who He Is: Coach Canaday

When students pull into the parking lot every day, it is impossible to miss the prominent football field. It becomes even more beautiful when one notices the red, white, and blue Rebel flags adorning every spare spot on the metal fence surrounding it. These flags appear only for the Varsity home games. Excitement runs rampant… Read More ›

Mrs. Russo

Interview by Brooke Dowdy Q: What do you like about teaching? A: I love to interact with young people, and love to teach English. I particularly enjoy colorful  personalities and discussions along with learning new things. Q: What do you teach and what are you involved with at WCHS? A: I teach 10th grade English,… Read More ›

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