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Gelo Ball

LiAngelo Ball, Known as Gelo Ball is a 6´6¨ and 230-pound basketball player. He’s the son of LaVar and Tina Ball. He was caught shoplifting in the Hangzhou, China mall escapade on November 7, 2017. This all happened when he was in season playing for UCLA in China. Gelo and his two teammates Cody, Riley… Read More ›

Time Poem

Where has the time gone Yet the world never stops From dusk to dawn From the valley to the hilltops Yet The world never seems to slow Even if the time goes by All the world does not go, By in the blink of an eye Yet time does not end It will always go… Read More ›


  Fortnite a sport?   People say that Fortnite isn’t a sport that it’s just a video game. It might just be a video game to some, but there are a few who don’t think that it’s just a game, but a sport. When people join the game, there are tournaments that have prize pools… Read More ›

The Big Dawg Knox Comeback!

Austin Knox is a current student at Weld Central High School. He plays basketball for the school, and he’s a junior. He recently received a concussion against Eaton on January 27. He was out for one game before returning to play against Alameda on February 5. Austin said he will make a full recovery and… Read More ›

Valentine’s Day: Ultimate Holiday for Singles…Not

On February 14th, the 16th Valentine’s Day of my life will commence, this time on a Wednesday. The number of completed Valentine’s Days will vary across the nation, as will the results of the day. This statement will be crystal clear to everyone who has been through this holiday while in high school and/or has… Read More ›

High School Students Taking College Classes

Have you ever heard of students taking college classes while still in high school? Well, let me tell you what Weld Central High School students are doing. Students say that they take college classes while in high school because it helps them have an increased grade and higher GPAs in college. I interviewed one student, Andrea… Read More ›

Special Edition: Editorials from Journalists Period 7 (Semester 1)

Amanda Bellis Dec 20, 2017 People in love go through a lot of struggles and although they can eventually be fixed most times, same-sex relationships face the worst struggle, being against of banned from marriage because it’s not okay in people’s eyes. When in reality, if you take away the gender labels, and just see… Read More ›

Special Edition: Editorials from Journalists in Period 2 (Semester 1)

Carissa Bonney 9:35 AM Teenagers Hooked on Nicotine? In 2011, 5% of young students had access to e-cigarettes and vape mods. In less than five years that number has more than tripled. Students crave excitement in their lives, they will jump onto any bandwagon if their friends and classmates are interested. In a sense, they… Read More ›

“Who’s Courtnie Herman?”

Courtnie Herman is a current student at Weld Central high school. She is a senior that is on the verge of graduating, along with many others that go to Weld Central. She will be a graduate of the class of 2018. Her hobbies are volleyball and showing animals for 4H. She played volleyball for Weld… Read More ›

Ted Nugent Personal Profile

Ted Nugent   Ted Nugent was born in Rutherford, Michigan is one of four siblings, he lived most of his early childhood in Detroit, Michigan. Ted Nugent grew up wanting to become a singer/songwriter, which he successfully accomplished. Ted started singing when he was six and his love for music took off from there.  … Read More ›

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