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Dwayne Wayde Emotional Breakdown

March 9, 2018

Wednesday, February 14, 2018, a mass shooting took place at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, leaving 17 students dead and 14 others injured in critical condition.                                                     … Read More ›

Hope poem

I have always wondered what was hope. So many people always said you, Needed to have it, or you make do Yet hope barely help walk the tightrope.   Yet it is hard to cope. With the the world as a never ending zoo, Of people that won’t look at you. Yet the phrase always,… Read More ›

Time Poem

Where has the time gone Yet the world never stops From dusk to dawn From the valley to the hilltops Yet The world never seems to slow Even if the time goes by All the world does not go, By in the blink of an eye Yet time does not end It will always go… Read More ›

Special Edition: Editorials from Journalists Period 7 (Semester 1)

Amanda Bellis Dec 20, 2017 People in love go through a lot of struggles and although they can eventually be fixed most times, same-sex relationships face the worst struggle, being against of banned from marriage because it’s not okay in people’s eyes. When in reality, if you take away the gender labels, and just see… Read More ›

Special Edition: Editorials from Journalists in Period 2 (Semester 1)

Carissa Bonney 9:35 AM Teenagers Hooked on Nicotine? In 2011, 5% of young students had access to e-cigarettes and vape mods. In less than five years that number has more than tripled. Students crave excitement in their lives, they will jump onto any bandwagon if their friends and classmates are interested. In a sense, they… Read More ›

Never Ending Dreams

Dreams are still alive when you are awake These dreams are never ending for you Yet these dreams sometimes ends in heartache But always allows for a different point of view   Then there are dreams that truly thrive These dreams are chased to the ends of the earth’ And it makes you feel alive,… Read More ›


It struck me as strange, Every time I walked past someone who stopped to ask me “Hey, can you spare some change?” Because yes I can. But you see, I don’t carry change around in my back pocket. I don’t wear it around my neck on a chain, in some locket. I keep change on… Read More ›

Writing is a Chronic Disease

“On most days                         I thrive on emotions Feed on them all grief, joy, and rage Make them pretty Weave them into poetry Call it ‘literature’ But on days like today I see your lifeless body in the mirror Feel the cold of your skin The numbness of you And I can’t make it pretty… Read More ›

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