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Disney New Live-Action Movies

May 22, 2018

The very popular kid company, Disney, are planning on making new live-action remakes of old cartoons they have already produced. Disney is making these movies in the studios at their company. The movies are planned to be released in the next year. Disney is doing this to bring back classic movies with a twist on them. With these… Read More ›

Band Concert 2018

The Weld Central Auditorium was witness to the hard work and determination of the school band on Thursday, May 10th. The middle school band joined the high schoolers at the performance and the combination was wonderful. Classical and jazz music were played throughout the night by the young talents. The well-played notes of every song… Read More ›

American Idol Contestant Kissed by Katy Perry

                   In October of 2017, the American Idol auditions were held. A contestant now very well known, Benjamin Glaze, 19 years old, left the tryout startled by the surprise first kiss he received was from Katy Perry.                   Benjamin… Read More ›

A Wrinkle In Time

All Meg Murry and her family want to do is find her father who has been held captive by evil forces for over a year. So that’s exactly what she does. In A Wrinkle In Time, the amazing characters make this dark yet mysterious and amazing story come to life. The main characters include the… Read More ›

Snapchat Update

Photograph by Express. Have you had your Snapchat updated? A lot of people are saying it’s overwhelming and really hard to understand. It used to be really easy to use, but now with the update, people aren’t seeing as many stories, no one uses it as much as they did and people are saying that… Read More ›

Figure Skating: 2018 Olympics

The Winter Olympics ended Feb. 25 and the world was devastated. The Olympics are always so entertaining and fast-paced; this year was no exception. Of course, the figure skaters are loved by all and these Olympics, held at Pyeongchang, provided high-paced competition. The figure skater that everyone was talking about was Alina Zagitova, a young… Read More ›


Photo By On March 7th, 2018, a TV adaption of the musical Heathers will be premiering. Created by Jason Micallef, the show is labeled to be in the genre of Anthology and Black Comedy. A story on the mentality of high-school and popularity featured around Jason-Dean; his alias being J.D., Veronica, and the Heathers; Chandler,… Read More ›

social media school shooting

School shootings are getting out of control, students have been using the hashtag “#enough” and the users have been using the social media to make the word spread. The students have been fighting for a change and vowing for, “NEVER AGAIN”. Victims of school shootings take to social media to express sympathy in the aftermath… Read More ›

Every Day (2018)

Every Day is a 2018 film based on a novel written by David Levithan. Both the book and the movie are about a soul named A who switches bodies every day, never being in the same person living the day as someone new. But one day when A finds a girl named Rhiannon, she falls… Read More ›

Grease is Coming to Weld Central!

   The popular musical, “Grease” is coming to Weld Central! Weld Central Drama Club is producing “Grease” on March 1, 2 and 3. The doors open at 6:30 p.m. at the Weld Central auditorium. The play begins at 7 p.m.    The cast features Sophomore Zach Ramirez, Sophomore Alina Lindstrom, and Senior Suzie Evertse. Drama… Read More ›

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