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Scholarship Information

March 16, 2018

Many senior students don’t know about the opportunities they are given. One of the many opportunities such as scholarships are overlooked. All students who are eligible and meet the requirements are able to apply for scholarships. Our student senior counselor at Weld Central High School, Ms. Davis is a great source to those who need… Read More ›

Teens Driving and Drinking

For many years, teen drinking has been a problem. Unfortunately, this will always be a reality when anyone looks back at young teens. There are many ways to make teens stop creating this issue but there is no possible way to make every teen out there stop. From personal experiences, I know that more than… Read More ›

What a good day!

Everyday in our lives we go through difficult times some are good others never seem to leave. We can overcome these days by starting off the morning with a good healthy meal. A morning meal is necessary fuel for your body and brain. You won’t have any low energy levels if you eat a good… Read More ›

How to Get a Girlfriend

If you want to get a girlfriend, you will need to consider many things. First, you will need to prepare your home, mind, and life for the presence of a female. Second, there is a rather large upfront cost to consider. Finally, girlfriends are very high-matinence and will need a lot of time, attention, and… Read More ›

Dealing with the Relatives During the Holidays

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It is when you get to spend time with the family and loved ones. You might think that it will go just how holidays go, in the movies, but in reality, you will end up needing a lot of aspirin for the really bad headache that you… Read More ›

Student Advice to Freshmen

  High school is a big part in our life. Most students as freshmen think it’s no big deal but it’s actually a very big deal. I think most freshmen just want to have fun and mess around because they think it’s cool and they don’t care about their education. I used to be that… Read More ›

Teen Anxiety

Joanna Leal Cervantes 11/1/17   One out of every three students in high school suffer from some sort of anxiety. Whether it be severe or mild, anxiety may be something that can be holding teenagers back from being social and achieving their greatest potential. The most common anxiety disorders are placed into three categories.  … Read More ›

Strategies to do when facing depression.

  Depression might be the most serious and silent mental problem there is. Depressive Disorder affects approximately 16.1 million Americans from the ages 18 and up. Each year at least 6.7 percent of the U.S population get diagnosed with depression. Most of the side effects of depression include changes in behavior, feeling of guilt, feeling… Read More ›

Just Say Good Night

photography by: Wendy Mesa Sleep is so overrated, almost every teen in the US just wants to stay up late, and watch Netflix and text. Little do they know that their bodies are slowly dying with the lack of sleep. They put themselves at risk of weight gain, heart disease, depression, and many other issues,… Read More ›

How to Get Through High School

High school is a very stressful and crazy experience for students in all grades. High school may be a challenge at times, but here are some tips to get through it! The easiest way to pass classes is by turning in work. With extracurricular activities that may be hard, but use your time wisely and… Read More ›

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