North Korea’s Nuclear Facility Collapse

Many did not know why North Korea all of a sudden wanted peace with the United States and everyone else. Well, perhaps, this is because North Korea’s Nuclear Facility, Punggye-RI, collapsed. North Korea did their sixth nuclear test and it shook the whole test facility. It collapsed, killing over 200 people, in the underground tunnels. Many soldiers are being treated for radiation exposure. The facility collapsed in October, while North Korea was in the middle of building an underground tunnel under the facility.

China and South Korea are very worried that the mountain will collapse some more and start leaking out and causing people to get exposed. Due to the leakage of radiation, if the Koreans were to go into the factory to get their stuff back they would be at a huge risk of exposure, even with their suits to protect them.

Now North Korea seems to want to make treaties and peace with everyone, now that all their nuclear power has been destroyed. Korea has offered to have a meeting with Trump and South Korea’s leader and some other leaders in the world.

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