Get Ready Eighth Graders!!!

Freshmen year can seem super scary and the closer it gets to summer the more anxious the eighth graders are for the upcoming first year of high school. The eighth graders need to be prepared because even though freshman year can seem like it’s the easiest, you still have to do your part in making sure you keep your grades up. If you are an eighth grader nervous for high school here’s what you get to look forward to!!!


Many freshmen think that they don’t need to do their work and do what they need to do. Others think that school isn’t going to help you in life, well they are partly right. But you still should try your hardest and try to be the best. If you get good grades then many more opportunities come along with it. You can get good scholarships, go on many more fun field trips, and sometimes get prizes. Not only that but you should want to try. Some teachers can be mean and seem unfair and then the kids think that not treating them with respect will work and get them out of class. They just don’t want to do the work but that shouldn’t be the only option you are going to consider. I get that you may think school is stupid and that when people tell you to try your best is annoying but you should want to because as you get further in life you will look back and wish that you made better decisions.


If you are nervous about starting high school you are on the right track. The first day is easy. Don’t let your mind tell you that it is always going to be easy though. Throughout the years it is intended to get harder. You can make so many good memories in high school so don’t wish it away too fast. If you keep dreading each day then you will assume that the whole year is going to be bad. Sure you are going to have bad days but we all do. That’s what gets us prepared and motivated for the days ahead. Keep trying to make good memories and have fun because that is something you are going to want to remember when you look back at these short four years.


Of course, you have heard the term, “ Make good decisions”, or “Don’t be a follower,” but you should really take this to mind. You are always going to want to do what your friends do just to be cool but you shouldn’t just be their friend for this and if you are then you should probably get some better friends. The high school has a bunch of bad influences that can impact you and shape you into who you are but just try to stay clear of that. If you don’t plan on making good decisions and doing bad things then I hope you have fun being broke and living on your parent’s couch.


Don’t be nervous for high school. Just enjoy it because senior years is gonna come fast. Make good friends, memories, and choices, and enjoy being a teenager for as long as you can before you have to grow up. Don’t wish your high school lives aways. It’s only as bad as you make it. ENJOY AND GOOD LUCK!!!


Quote: “ High school changes people into the person they swore they’d never become.”

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