Dress Code Inconsistencies

  The Dress code, is it good or bad? Many people across the states, including students in Weld Central High School, have reported negative feelings about the dress code. While saying it is needed for certain issues, there are some inconsistencies and disruptive problems within it. Examples are such as being dress coded for nearly knee-length skirts with shorts underneath, while another student with shorter shirts and shorts nearby was let off the hook. The student also reported being dress coded for shirts and tank-tops, saying she was because she was “thicker” than the other students that wore the same thing thus being more of a “distraction’. Harper Dailey, a student from Rock Bridge High School had reported that once dress coded, “They felt insecure and degraded as well as if they were being treated as a sexual object instead of a student.”
   Another student from Rock Bridge High School was shocked, Gabriel Montie was approached by a teacher, who thought he was a female and went to dress code for him. But once they saw he was in-fact a male they left him alone for it. Revealing a massive sexist part of the common dress code. Many dress coded females believe that it should be the students’ job to be responsible for their focus, not her job, so why punish with the dress code? Another student, Sophia Abuabara was pulled from her class for her dress. The principal had sad it was to short and made multiple lewd comments about it, Saying “That boys would take pictures up it while climbing stairs”, He continued to ignore her statement and question. “Why not just teach boys not to subject girls to it, instead of punishing the females?”.
   Now while the dress code is important for schools since its a professional setting. It keeps us from being rapid and displaying unprofessional or inappropriate things to our fellow classmates, it seems either too lenient in some cases and not strong enough in others. Though still very important to have, setting a line in down for what is alright in a public setting. The line does not seem to be set in stone for most of these cases.

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