Band Concert 2018

The Weld Central Auditorium was witness to the hard work and determination of the school band on Thursday, May 10th. The middle school band joined the high schoolers at the performance and the combination was wonderful. Classical and jazz music were played throughout the night by the young talents. The well-played notes of every song were evident of the daily arduous practices the band members are part of.

The middle school band played flawlessly with songs that included “Classy Clarinets” and “Slavonic Dance No. 3”. Meanwhile, the high school jazz band played music ‘’Watermelon Man”, “Gotta ‘Bone to Pick With You”, and “Sing, Sing, Sing”, among others. A Grease compilation was additionally played by the high school band and the two schools came together at the end. The combined band of middle and high schoolers played the song “Shorewood Overture” to end the night on a high.

Audience members were astounded by the concert and were left feeling very content. Jonathan Retana, an audience member, stated,  “The band did exceptionally well! Everything went spectacularly and the music was extraordinary.” Additionally, the parents were content and extremely proud of their children’s’ hard work.

All in all, this band concert was proof of how much more recognition the band deserves. They perform at many events for the school, including football games, basketball games, and assemblies. Yet, they are always overshadowed by sports teams and such! We must give these band members who work extremely hard all year in order to become better musicians more credit.

As George Parks once said, “Band is not proud because it performs well. It performs well because it is proud.” 

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