Why do people complain so much ?

         I always wonder why people are never happy with nothing . They complain about literally everything. There isn’t one person in this earth that doesn’t complain about their life or about anything . People complain because it’s too hot, to cold. Because the music playing in the car Is annoying or in the bus. People complain about every food they eat. People complain about not having money or having too much money . People complain for being to tall or too short . People complain about life in general .   

        Is it just complaining or is it now a habit ? Did people get so used to complaining about everything that goes on in their life, whether it’s on social media or in person. They never stop complaining . Life isn’t fair but people don’t have to constantly complain about everything . They complain about having too much homework . About being hungry . About not sleeping enough . About there outfit not looking as good as they thought . About how your phone is acting up . About the music in your phone playing is annoying . About there hair being in a mess today . Literally they complain about having it all .

          What about the people in need of what you’re complaining? People never think when they complain. They just blur out whatever is bothering them but they never think about what others are going through around the world. While you complain about the water being too cold to drink, some don’t even have water to drink from. While you complain about your hair being in a mess, well some people don’t even have hair . While you complain about your education some kids out there don’t have an education, dreaming of actually one day pursuing something . While you’re or here complaining about your tv, phone, tablet, computer, not working well some don’t even know what those devices are . While you’re out here complaining some people don’t have it all like you do.

      I feel like complaining has just became a habit for people now in days . They don’t even hear out what they got to say , they just blur it out like nothing . And you never know if your complaining might offend anyone . It’s just so easy to complain about everything you do, say, think, or see. But think way further from that, it’s not okay to complain about something that others may not even get a chance to have . Does complaining make you feel better ? What is it with all the complaining now in days? Some actually just live with the life they were given. Some have it way harder out here then you do. It isn’t okay to complain just because it’s a habit . It’s always “think before you speak.” Complaining is just another method of avoiding what really is to be true . Just live life without a complain, and watch how much easier life gets .

      Do you complain to much? Are things you really complain about even important ? Or do you just say them out of habit ? It’s never too late to stop complaining about yourself. Life is to beautiful and short to be complaining about things that shouldn’t even be argued about . Just enjoy it . Not regrets, no complaints  just life .


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