Featuring a story created by Hugo Delgado. Inspired by past movies and tales that he has heard.

“Mateo DelSantos, please come forth to receive your award.”. Mateo comes up to the stage to receive his Atlas Medal of honor for stopping a terrorist attack releasing a disease on the world(fist targeting the U.S.A). “We the people that you for all the hard work, all the sacrifices that you made to honor your country Spain and your service to the ATLAS nationwide military.” it was a great start of the year(2025) for Mateo and leave his past behind him. Unfortunately, it did not last.

Mateo DelSantos had a family and love both his wife Natalia, and his daughter, Bella. Not seeing them for a long time, the family grow closer together doing many activities and adventure, traveling the world. Mainly from his service to ATLAS, he had many perks to do so. It was the end of December when the family went to New York, USA to see the Time square ball Drop. the family was in one of the towers to see the square ball fall, and once it got to the ground, it cracked and let out off some smoke from the bottom.it traveled at least a quarter mile along the road and everyone thought it was a new touch. When morning came, the family were heading to the airport. Traffic was crazy since there was a lot of cops passing by. Lucky for them, they headed off early but, it still took them a long time to get there. As they were arriving, it was loaded with military soldiers and flying choppers everywhere. The family rushed to see if they can get an answer and they were told that people have gone savage and are killing other. One of the grads knew Mateo and he was able to get him and his family to a chopper to a safer place. They first needed to check if they were not infected by scanning them in the eye. While they were being checked, it was Natalia’s turn when it turns out she was infected. He could do nothing about it and had to leave her. Heartbroken, Mateo and Bella went on a jeep to the chopper. Being close to arrive, they were hit by a cop car that lost control. Both cars mobilize, Bella was injured from the leg and Mateo had to carry her. He notices that the chopper was being raided by the infected on the other side from where they were, so Mateo decides to turn back and run. He was still to slow that one of the infected was chasing after them and was coming up fast. As soon as the infected could get a hold on, a random soldier shot it. “Please help us!” Bella said. “Don’t come any closer!” said the solder. “Please were not infected,” said Mateo. The soldier pulls out a radar, “Commander, two survivors unarmed. They came from the flite zone…Sir?…Why!…Your orders Sir.” soldier points the gun at them until an infected jumped at him. Under Attack, Mateo went to help him but the soldier took a few shots at random and Mateo was able to take the gun and shoot it down. Turning back to Bella, Bella was shocked that she was shot. Filled with emotions, Bella was able to say her last words, “live for Me dad.”

It was 2030 and Mateo was living in a safe zone, graded by ATLAS soldiers and been living there ever since the attack. Every now and then, he would sneak out the zone to take his mind off things and kill infected with a bow that doesn’t make much noise. He also made a friend, Rose, which was a tough woman that had resources and passes a lot of cargoes to gangs and groups. Once a while, she would ask for his help and asked if he could help on passing a big cargo to DIVISION. An organization created by rebels that go against ATLAS.

Once they arrived at an abandoned building, close to the safe zone, Mateo saw a girl. He was surprised at first but once rose told her that she was bitten by an infected, it had no effect on her. On their travels, Mateo and the girl which was Named Ellie, were able to get alone. “Whatever happened to your family Mateo?” she said. “You have no right to go there Ellie,” said Rose. “No, it’s alright, I have to let it out every now and then. I had a family of three, a wife and a Daughter. Bella, my daughter was somewhat like you. She was very brave and tough, though she that she was.” Mateo replied. Rose explained that she was to be taken to an abandoned hospital in the western region which would take three days. Although they were conflicted with infected and bad gangs, they made progress every day. Once they had their sites on the hospital, ATLAS arrived to raid the hospital where DIVISION was settled. They were between the shootout and had to find a way to get to DIVISION to take the cargo. They were able to get to DIVISION but they had to go to another headquarters because they were being overpowered. The three of them went to a vehicle where it leads to an escape route. “You have done your part, this is where we split.” Rose said. “ what is going to happen with the girl, I am not willing to leave the girl. She reminds me of something I had before.”


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