JonBenet Ramsey Case


JonBenet Ramsey Case: An Old Suspect


Twenty-two years ago, the unsolved murder of a six year old girl struck the country leaving much room for conspiracy theorists to come up with the murder suspects. But all of those theories may be shut down by police finding new evidence to incriminate an old suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey case.  


In 1996, JonBenet Ramsey’s mother, Patsy Ramsey, found a ransom note placed on the stairs asking for 118,000 dollars for JonBenet’s safe return. After Patsy called the police, they did a sweep of the entire house in hopes of finding JonBenet, but came up with nothing.


As the police continued to investigate, JonBenet’s father, John Bennett Ramsey, headed down to the basement and found his daughter’s dead body in the one of the basement rooms. Without thought, John Bennett grabbed JonBenet’s body and took her upstairs, subsequently tampering with the crime scene accidently. This set back made solving JonBenet Ramsey’s murder just a whole lot harder.


Even if the whole investigation was filled with dead ends, they did end up questioning a man named Gary Oliva. He was a registered sex offender living just one street away from JonBenet’s house. But due to insufficient evidence, he was released without a second thought. But recently, he was arrested for having child pornography.


  Law Enforcement, checked his house and in Oliva’s backpack they recovered a picture of JonBenet and a stun gun. Now, in the autopsy of JonBenet they found a pair of dot like markings on her body and morticians believed that they came from a stun gun.


During the investigation of 1996, the police recovered DNA from JonBenet’s panties that belong to an unidentified male. So the police decided to recover JonBenet’s old doctor records that showed she had signs of long term sexual abuse and had yeast infections multiple times before, which is extremely strange for a girl her age. Although they tested the DNA against Gary Oliva and it came back negative, technology and DNA equipment was not as sophisticated as it is today and the testing could have gotten all wrong.


Currently, Gary Oliva is being held in a jail in Boulder and denies to have any affiliation with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

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