What Grinds My Tractor

Photograph by Isaac McWilliams. Do you have something that just makes you so mad it pisses you off, but it’s  really small? Such as when people are walking in the hallway and all of a sudden they stop to talk to their buddies, or say hi to their boyfriend or girlfriend. Yeah, because that pisses me off too. Its something little but it irritates more people than you’d imagine.

Well little do you know, you’re not the only one getting irritated by it. I interviewed a few people to see what they would have to say about this as well. The main questions I asked in the interview with students were, “When people are walking in the hall and they all of a sudden stop, how do you feel about that? How much does that upset you?” The first person I interviewed was Isaac McWilliams (Senior): he had to say, “That they’re a dumb seal (French) and they should move on and get on with their lives.” My second interview was with Austin Inskeep (Senior), saying, “Mad, angry, very angry, pisses me off more than anything. I used to follow this one kid out of class and he would do this to me and he learned that it would piss me off, so one day he did it and I wasn’t expecting it and almost ran the dude over. I wouldn’t have felt bad because he was doing intentionally.”

As you can see, this pisses everyone off. So please stop doing it if you’re one of “those” people that intentionally stop in the middle of the hallway and are reading this article. It’s not cool.  It is okay to stop in the commons and socialize there. That’s where most people do it and no one is in the way. If you are walking through the commons to get to a different class, you can always find your way around people and you know that they are already stopped so they stop in front of you.

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