“Choice of no choice”

                    Tracks New Gender Rules” Choice of no choice”

Track new gender rules could exclude some female athletes.This rules will be applied starting in November 2018.

Some female track athletes that have high levels of testosterone which is a sex-related hormone that affects most of the female track athletes it plays important roles in a woman’s reproductive cycle and overall health.

This causes women to lower the levels of their testosterone because it affects them while they are on track while running or during their workouts.From November of 2018 females will now be required to lower the number of hormones that are in their body, they will have to go through this process for 6 months before allowing them to compete in track.

There are females that are more affected than others with sexual development and will have to maintain lower levels to be able to go to internationals. And if track females decide they don’t want to go through this process they won’t have choices but they will also need to be in hormone therapy.They will also “not be able “ to compete with men. They will end up on giving up on competing because in other words, they will not go through surgery to lower their hormone levels.And not just that but they will be very limited on track.

I interviewed Jose Perez, About his thoughts on the new rules that will be applied in November of this year.He responded to the following questions. Are you in Track? How is it like?
Yes, I am on track and everybody is involved in the activity and boys are just separated from the girls.But everyone in the track is still involved in the activities that we do.
What do you think about this new rule?

I think that everybody should be treated equal, and I think girls should not be limited to do what they enjoy now that this is going to happen many girls will give up and that should not be the end.They have to work even harder.


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