The BEST food ever!!

The smell of oranges, soy sauce, and deep-fried chicken can make anyone want to stuff their mouths with this Chinese delicacy. Just walking into a Chinese restaurant makes you crave more even after you’re full. Orange chicken is a must for anyone who likes Chinese food. Panda Express is a very popular restaurant which serves this amazing dish. However, China invented the original orange chicken and has a great history behind it, but then Panda Express later developed it into an American favorite that we all know of today.


In the 1800’s, Chinese immigrants from Guangdong district immigrated to America wanting better opportunities and to escape their home that was ravaged by the rebellion and an unstable economy. This meant that they had brought their food ingredients with them and opened up a new window of restaurants in America. Their main dishes consisted of some sweet elements but overall was made of vegetables and meat stir- fry, served with rice.


So what is the tangy sauce that glazes the chicken and always has our mouths watering made out of anyway? Well, the sauce is usually made from the leftover orange or lemon peels combined with soy sauce, garlic, and chilis. The sauce had a citrus flavor and it tastes sweet. Chinese restaurants began to adapt chicken recipes that were fattier in the 1900’s, so they started deep frying each piece of meat.  


Without the Chinese cultures making America more open to great food and tradition, we probably wouldn’t have this amazing tasting dish. Panda Express is definitely a favorite in America. In fact, the co-founder, Andrew Cherng said that the chef who created orange chicken was inspired by flavors from the Hunan Province in China. In 2013, Panda Express reported that they had sold 65 million pounds of orange chicken alone. That’s a lot!!!


If you have never tried orange chicken then you are torturing yourself because it is AMAZING!! Make sure that when you pass a Panda Express you stop by for a bite. Orange chicken has way more history then you can imagine and it’s good to know where the food that you are eating came from!! With knowing all of this, I hope when you take a bite of orange chicken, that you can appreciate the hard work that went into making it taste so good!! ENJOY!!


FACT: An egg and a piece of chicken are the same food, just at different stages!!


Sites for how to make orange chicken:

Source of the picture by KitchMe.

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