Aqib Talib Signed to Rams

The rumors are true, Aqib Talib, the former Denver Bronco cornerback has been traded to the Los Angeles Rams. The L.A. Rams are looking to make an indestructible defense. The Rams have been trading constantly to devise their defense. The Rams are the fourth team Aqib Talib has played for in his NFL career.  The Rams are finishing Talib´s two-year contract that he had with the Broncos. The Rams offered Talib 11 million dollars for the 2018 season, and 8 million for the 2019 season. Talib was paid 19 million dollars to finish his contract for the Rams.


Talib is a five-time Pro Bowl selectee, four of those were when he was with the Denver Broncos. As a Bronco, Aqib Talib has had an incredible career. At 34 years old Talib had caught 34 interceptions in his career. Talib was apart of two super bowls and played in Super Bowl 49, which the Broncos lost. He also played in Super Bowl 50, in which the Denver Broncos Won. He was part of the “No Fly Zone” secondary for the Broncos defense.  The Rams have acquired, arguably, the best cornerback in the league. 20180417_120446

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