Teacher locks himself in classroom and fires a gun

          Jesse Davidson had asked some of his students to come to his class to get help with some work they had. When those students had gotten to the classroom the door was locked. They tried to get into the class but couldn’t. One of the students had gotten the principal. When the principal had knocked at the door, Jesse Davidson didn’t open the door, so the principal had gotten his keys and unlocked the door. When the principal went to open the door Jesse Davidson slammed the door on the principal’s face. After slamming the door, Davidson fired the gun.

          That day Davidson had told a student that he wanted to show that teachers shouldn’t have guns. The student was thinking that it was just a joke. When the kids heard the gunshot, they started running. While running, one of the students hurt her ankle, but no other student was injured. Jesse Davidson had also had a record of saying he had caused a death of someone who may not have existed. Reporters had asked, “Why did the school  hire him and knowing he had a past history with the police, “, but the principal just avoided the question by saying “ We can not answer that question.”

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