Bornean Orangutan  


The subspecies of orangutan found in Indonesia, known as the Bornean Orangutan are critically endangered and facing extinction.

The people of Indonesia are poor and starving to death. They burn large pieces of the rainforest to make what they call “oil plantations.” The palm oil is a cheap substitute for trans fat, and the villagers sell it. These fires destroy the orangutans habitats including their food resources. Another way they make money is by catching baby orangutans and trading and selling them. This affects the population of the species because they don’t survive to adulthood. Not only do humans destroy the families of orangutans, but they actually hunt them for food. Since they are starving, the people have no resource for meat other than orangutans.

All of these factors have caused the population of orangutans to decrease. Not only are they threatened to  become extinct due to humans taking their home and illegal killing but they are also in trouble due to global warming.

The future for orangutans is certainly one that is in trouble. In the past decade, numbers in the wild have dropped by 50%. Looking at the population of the orangutan, they are soon going to be extinct .

Orangutans like to live in habitat like lowland rainforests because it has tall trees with a variety of fruit.. The orangutan swing on the tree tops and from tree to tree. On occasion, they like to move around on the ground.

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