Supernova Formation

“It was said on January 10, 2018 that Sarah Gibbens on National Geographic wrote about Cassiopeia A exploding; releasing elements of oxygen, hydrogen, and elements to make DNA. This was found in the solar system outside our planet; where we cannot see other planets, supernovas or stars. This happened due to a spiral galaxy which had a star to go off in an explosion because a massive star ended its life, said Mr. Buso. The star most likely spun out of control.  Not only that, but the star actually died, said Dennis Overbye.


It was said that it’s called a breakout, where a shock wave radiates from a star’s core which collapsed in a black hole, said some astronomers. A black hole will consume everything near it. There is no possible escape from a black hole. A black hole is dense enough to cause solar system bodies to be trapped forever.


This original star had been 20 times as massive as the sun said astronomers from New York Times. They reported their findings on Wednesday in Nature, said astronomers. There are stars much bigger than the sun. This happens to be one of them. This star was a main cause for this 2018 supernova explosion”.


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