Scholarship Information

Many senior students don’t know about the opportunities they are given. One of the many opportunities such as scholarships are overlooked. All students who are eligible and meet the requirements are able to apply for scholarships. Our student senior counselor at Weld Central High School, Ms. Davis is a great source to those who need help.

Why are scholarships given out to senior students? Many students may need the financial assistance and scholarships are a great help. There are two main types of scholarships. The Meta-based and Needs-based, both the same idea but provided to different students. Meta-based is based on the student’s achievements and their scores. The Needs-based scholarships are the ones that may need help financially. “In Weld County, our students are very lucky to have the bright future grant because it allows two thousand dollars for four years-just for being a student here at Weld County,” said Ms. Davis.

There are many different ways to apply for scholarships. A great way to apply is online, where there are resources and websites with many scholarships. Most schools prefer their applications to be completed online. Visit your counseling office; there is a section of information with printed scholarships for anyone to take. Another way to apply for scholarships would be going to the counselors and talking to them about what scholarship would work best for you. Sometimes, the counselors are aware of opportunities the student may not even know exist.

Many times the scholarships do work best when based on the career the student is looking into. The counselors are available and will help you, so take advantage of their friendly knowledge.20180316_135846

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