Nigerian Girls Kidnapped from a School


On February 19, 2018 over one hundred school girls were kidnapped from a school in Nigeria. The girls since then have still not been found, nor are they back in the safety of their homes.

Armed militants from the group Boko Haram raided a school and kidnapped the girls. Boko Haram can be translated to “Western Education is Forbidden.” This violent group has killed more than 20 thousand people, and has made over 2 million flee their homes for safety.You could consider them a very dangerous group. The missing girls ages span between eleven and nineteen. This has been one of the biggest kidnappings ever since 2014, when 270 girls were kidnapped by a Jihadist group.

Since the girls were kidnapped, the government has dispatched helicopters and other kinds of aircraft, in order to search for them. They also have police officers and securities stationed at schools within the state. The government is being criticized for not coming together sooner.  The country has banned together in order to help find the girls, “The entire country stands as one with these girls’ families.” They’re all in hopes that the girls will come home safely and unharmed.

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