Alpine Skiing


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Alpine skiing was first introduced into the Olympics in 1936, which was held in Germany. Both men and women were able to compete at this special event. Alpine Skiing is primarily sliding down a hill covered in snow with skis. There are different categories that fall under the Alpine skiing event, each with different objectives.

There is Downhill event, which the goal is to get to the bottom of the hill as quickly as possible and to have the fastest time. Another event where in order to win you have to quickly weave in and outside of closely placed gates, missing any will lead to disqualification. Giant Slalom is Slalom, but on a larger scale with further parted gated. There is also an event which combines both Slalom and Downhill and participants have to take part in both.

In the Winter Olympics this year for Alpine skiing, Austria is in first place with three gold medals, two silver, and two bronze. Following Austria is Switzerland, Sweden and Norway. The United states is placed in 5th place.

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