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Downhill skiing is a race that has various types of the race such as : Slalom  and the Giant Slalom. Some of the medalist that took place were from Norway.The U.S athletes who  took the gold and USA took home 9 gold and 8 silver. The U.S had 6 bronze in total for Downhill Skiing.

Downhill Skiing was held at Jensen Alpine Centre. February 15, 2018 was the first day Downhill Skiing took place. In the location that Downhill occurred was a remarkable spot to do a sport. Slalom has the altitude of 1,172m for both men and women and the course length took up 556m for women and 575 for men. In the Giant Slalom even, the altitude was 1,408m for men in the beginning and 1,368m for women. The course length for men was 1,326, and for the women, it was 1,250m.

Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsey Vonn were some of the competitors from the United States that took home gold medals that participated in the Downhill Skiing event.

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