Crisis Actor Not an Actor

In wake of the Parkland Shooting that took place on February 14, 2018, there has been some controversy over a student that was accused of being a crisis actor, hired by CNN. Everyone was in hysterics, and everyone immediately went after CNN.

The student accused of being a crisis actor is named David Hogg, a 17-year-old who survived the school shooting. Many of the allegations that came up were due to him being aired on CNN and speaking out in favor of restricting gun control laws. He was also seen on television in California, at Redondo Beach, recalling the events of an altercation between a surfer and lifeguard in August 2017. After seeing him on T.V. in a different part of the country, and then seeing him on CNN supporting gun restriction laws caught the attention of everyone, and it started the accusations of him being a crisis actor.

How he handled the situation at first was also alarming and lead to the accusations. There is a video of him actually interviewing students as the situation was going on. It was definitely not the time or place to be interviewing people, which also furthered people’s beliefs that this boy was actually an actor. But the main event that actually started the hysteria, was when Shawn Harrison, House of Representative for Florida, claimed that the David Hogg was actually an actor, and not a student. These accusations were deflated and proven to be false by the superintendent of Stoneman Douglas High School.

The student accused of being an actor is not an actor and has been proven so.

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