Woodson’s Legacy

Carter G. Woodson was born in New Canton Virginia in 1875. Coming from a poor family, Woodson had a rough childhood. Throughout his childhood Woodson worked at a coal field while his parents worked as slaves. At the age of 20, he was able to attend High School. Within two years he graduated and received his diploma. Continuing his love for education he attended Harvard University and was the second African American to receive a doctorate degree. After college he chose a completely different path, he chose the path of writing books. His books provided coverage on many black experiences, including slavery, slave trade, black culture, and his childhood life. His most famous book is “Mis-Education of the Negro.” This man inspired many with his books to stand up for what they believe in. Woodson had so much love for his culture and wanted to spread the love to everyone. Woodson was nicknamed “The Father of Black History” after he founded The journey of History in 1910 and began Negro History in 1926 which is known today as Black History. He believed that he could change how the world saw racism and how he could change the way any of color are treated. Today, he reached his goal, even if it did take many years for others to understand what he wrote and wanted. Carter is recognized a great educator devoted to his race. On April 13, 1950, Carter died of a heart attack in his home in Washington D.C. Woodsons’ legacy will continue and will always be remembered.



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