Teens Driving and Drinking

For many years, teen drinking has been a problem. Unfortunately, this will always be a reality when anyone looks back at young teens. There are many ways to make teens stop creating this issue but there is no possible way to make every teen out there stop. From personal experiences, I know that more than half of the teens living today do it once in their life. I’ve seen and heard of many cases where teens (in this case friends of mine) drink and drive.

According to research, teen drinking has escalated down by 54% since 1991. If today that is a huge problem, can you imagine how much worse it was before 1991? It’s a good thing that this issue has decreased but every day, teens are still dying. There was a program that came to my school about a year ago called, “Every 15 Minutes” and they talked to us about how every 15 minutes a teenager will die due to drinking and driving. That’s a really high percentage up to this day. Drive-Safely.net stated that “60% of all teen deaths from car accidents involve alcohol.” Not only are teens dying but other innocent people are also losing their lives due to these irresponsible teenagers. Drinking and Driving has lessened but studies show more can be done to this matter. 

Parental involvement has much to do with helping to solve this problem. Every teen will not necessarily listen or agree with their parents until they have been involved in an accident. That’s why parents should always increase awareness of what can happen if they decide to drink and drive. It’s also a good thing to always model safe driving to their teenager. Many times, even parents drive after they’ve had a couple drink and this is where teens think it is okay. Teenagers will drink at parties and that’s why it is important that they always have the security to count on their parents to pick them up. Besides parents being involved, I also believe schools should be more active on this issue. If awareness is increased at schools more teens will be more informed and there will be a higher probability that teens will listen. Teenagers need to be well aware of this issue and all communities should be involved so they can see less of their teenagers lose their lives.

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