Olympic Speed Skating

Speed Skating is a competitive form of ice skating, which just happens to become a noticed sport that was placed into the Olympic Winter Games. The sport of Speed Skating had become a competitive sport in, 1642.

There are three different types of Speed Skating: there is long track, which is a largely sized ice rink in which they use to compete. Then there is the short track which is the same as the large track, but if you couldn’t figure it out a smaller track is put into place. Also, there is a marathon competition which takes the longest of all and equals out to be about 6.4 kilometers. This sport had originated in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, and the Netherlands.

In 1592 a Scotsmen had created the first pair of ice skates. The first official appearance that speed skating had in the Olympic Winter Games was back in 1924. Though this sport seems to be growing in popularity, the first competition held for Speed Skating had taken place in the Netherlands in a match between the Netherlands and the Northern European.


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