Figure Skating: 2018 Olympics

The Winter Olympics ended Feb. 25 and the world was devastated. The Olympics are always so entertaining and fast-paced; this year was no exception. Of course, the figure skaters are loved by all and these Olympics, held at Pyeongchang, provided high-paced competition.

The figure skater that everyone was talking about was Alina Zagitova, a young Russian figure skater. At the young age of 15, she beat out all of the older competitors during the short program and won a gold medal. She became the second youngest figure skater to ever win a gold medal, nearly breaking the Olympic record. She additionally landed a perfect triple Lutz-triple loop, the most difficult trick in figure skating. All of this combined created the perfect performance, earning her 82.9 and eventually a gold medal.

Nathan Chen, the eighteen-year-old skater took the Olympics by storm. With a stunning performance where he landed four quads perfectly, Nathan received a great score. Not only that, he became the first male skater in history to perform four quads in a free skate. In return, Nathan now has a bronze medal.

Although Russia and America made statements at the Olympics, Canada completely stole the show. In particular, the ice dance couple Virtue and Moir stole the spotlight. Not only is their “secret romance” captivating, so is their amazing dance ability. They had previously broken the record for short dance with an impeccable score of 82.68 and they broke the record once again. Unfortunately, they retired after the Olympics so we may not see them hit the ice stage again.

Now, all we have to do is wait another four years and we can witness amazing figure skaters at work once again!

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