Anette Norberg, Olympic Curling


Anette Norberg is a retired Swedish curler from Harnosand. Her and her team were the Olympic women’s curling champions in 2006 and 2010. Anette was born November 12, 1966 at Harnosand, Sweden. Her height is 5’9 and that’s pretty impressive for being a women, sure thing theirs taller out there but 5’9 is a start.

Norberg started to curl at the age of ten. Norberg won seven European Curling Championships, 1988, 2001 – 2007 and three World Curling Championships, 2005, 2006, and 2011. She also won silver medal at the 2001 Ford World Curling Championship and bronze medals in 1988, 1989, 1991, and 2003 World Championships. It’s honestly pretty crazy how she won all these Championships and became famous. Norberg has always played the position of skip.

Anette sadly decided to end her career as a Swedish curler. Her decision had been growing during the course of the season, and was not an easy one to take. “Curling has been my life for so many years so, of course, there’s so much I’ll miss. But life as a top curling player today is so demanding, and I feel that I lack both the time and commitment that are needed,” (Anette, 2010)

Besides curling, Norberg was chief actuary at Nordea, and teached a division at Folksam. Norberg holds a Bachelor of Arts in Math from Uppsala University. She has one daughter, Therese. Also one son, singer Tobias Westman. In September 2014, Norberg put out the news that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. It was shortly before she retired. She had completed treatment, that of course included chemotherapy and surgery to remove the tumor.

This Swedish curler has lived an interesting life according to all her Championships and medals she has won. It’s crazy to think that she decided to call time on her career and shortly after had to battle through breast cancer. And as for many other it was big loss as Anette retired. “Naturally, it’s a big loss for the curling world when a personality like Anette decides to retire,” (Stefan, 2014)


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