TSA Places First at State!

On January 22, the Weld Central TSA Club climbed on a bus to take their new video game to compete at state.

Their game, Mac and the Mad Mansion, begins with a young boy playing baseball in his yard when his ball goes over the fence. He goes inside the mansion and has to find his way through the rooms and make it outside to the backyard in order to get his ball back. In order to get through the mansion, the player must pick up items and combine them to get keys and unlock doors.

Weld Central High School’s TSA club competed with this game at state between January 22 and January 24. In the end, they won first place in video game design. The people that designed and built the game are Juniors Alex Oviatt, Daniel Smith, Bret Johnson, and Wyatt Halley, as well as their coach Zachary Levine.

When the team was asked if they suspected that their game would win, they had a variety of responses. Smith replied, “No, [but] I had pretty good hopes,” and Halley agreed that, “I thought we had a pretty good chance.” Johnson answered, “Yes because we put a lot of time into the game.” Oviatt said, “No. No I did not. I was positive we weren’t going to win.”

Smith mentioned that Mac and the Mad Mansion had “6,000 or 7,000 something [lines of code],” all being handwritten.

They all had their own ideas of how to make the game better. Smith said that, “We are going to expand it more and make it a much larger game for nationals.  It’s going to be awesome.” Johnson said that he would like to, “Make the game better. Make the puzzles more different so it’s not all ‘collect these items and put them in here.’” Halley jokingly replied that they should “Probably [get] a better voice actor because our voice actor is a little bit trash,” since he was referring to himself, as he was the voice actor of Mac and the Mad Mansion.

When asked if he liked Mac and the Mad Mansion or Omicron Trail better, Oviatt expressed that, “They’re both really cool in their own ways, but I think I will like Mac and the Mad Mansion better when it’s finished.”

Mac and the Mad Mansion is currently located in the commons area, so be sure to swing by and check it out either before or after school!

TSA Article Image 1

Screenshot 2018-03-08 at 1.03.22 PM

Photos courtesy of Zachary Levine and Alex Oviatt

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