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On March 7th, 2018, a TV adaption of the musical Heathers will be premiering. Created by Jason Micallef, the show is labeled to be in the genre of Anthology and Black Comedy. A story on the mentality of high-school and popularity featured around Jason-Dean; his alias being J.D., Veronica, and the Heathers; Chandler, Duke, And McNamara. It centers around J.D and Veronica and their relationship and the way they tend to the popular group called “the Heathers” which actually gets rather violent.

     Two students, one Local and one Non-local, have both explained the TV-Show compared to the original to be wrong and twisted, reporting multiple character changes that would be against the musical. A few examples of these changes would be, as described By Lexis McArthur, that characters were now controversial to the original design, is what they had bullied and picked on others for. The two also had labeled many more faults in the show’s design and both agreed that this show is slanderous towards the musical and original storyline.

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