Teen Marriage

Some people say that for love there is no age, but to think about marriage when one is very young is something else. It is something serious that should be taken calmly. A marriage is different from courtship. There are many responsibilities to take. When people are young, they make very impulsive decisions, and let themselves be carried away by what they feel at the moment. Young people don’t stop to think what it is going to be like. This time I interview my sister Diana, she is 15 years old and she got married on January 3, 2018.

How’s your life now that you have to study and be a wife at the same time?

It’s actually hard now that I have to study and be a wife at the same time. It’s hard because I have to get up and go to school and then come home cook, clean the house and do homework.  I not only have to get focused on my husband but on my classes so I can get a good grades and can graduate on time.

Would you like to have children?

I would not like to have children because I’m too young. Having children is a great responsibility and I feel that I’m not ready yet to become a mother. It would be very difficult for me right now but hopefully in the future I will.

Do you regret getting married at a young age?

Sometimes I do regret getting married because I think that I could of have waited until I finished high school at least. Now it’s hard for me and I won’t go to college and get a career as I wanted. Also I think that I should of have waited to be prepared to be a wife since I’m so young.

What would you like to say to those people who plan on getting married?

I would like to say to those people who plan on getting married is that sometimes is better to wait until you’re mature enough to make decisions, because sometimes the marriage could not work. Being so young, you can face problems in your relationship and you won’t be as happy as you imagined. Getting married is something serious that should be taken calmly. Don’t just get married because you think that the person that is with you is the love of your life.

Teens come to marriage and face a reality different from what they had imagined, which is the product of falling in love. Now they have to work, pay bills, set aside personal projects and they can’t have any more fun with friends. They should analyze marriage first before they get married, and think about their education and accomplish their careers so that they don’t regret it later on life.


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