Teen Suicide

Suicide is a big problem all over the world. It is very horrible to go through the death of a friend or loved one who commits suicide for many reasons. Suicide ends the lives of many, especially teenagers. People who make the mistake of committing suicide feel like they are weak and cannot continue their life. Some reasons for people committing suicide are mental illnesses, bullying, depression, alcohol use, substance abuse, violence, loss of a friend or family member, and various other cultural and social environmental issues. Life is precious, and no one deserves to take their life because they feel empty or alone.


Taking a minute to reach out to someone can change the direction of their life. Sometimes another factor for teenagers commit suicide is because parents don’t give support to their kids. Knowing that they are teenagers and that they can be going through a lot of things. Parents should take time to talk to their children and ask how they are doing, if they are ok and how they are treated if they have friends. Just because they are 10 and older does not mean that they don’t need attention from their parents. That’s the age of when they need more from their parents because that’s when the struggles come.


I asked Cassandra Mota the question “ What do you feel about people committing suicide?”

“I honestly feel like if people are going through so many situations that get them depressed that they should go and talk to someone before they feel like hurting themselves is the solution. I’ve experienced personally not that long ago when one of my friends committed suicide, and I wish I would’ve known soi could have done something towards it to help her out.”hoto


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