social media school shooting

School shootings are getting out of control, students have been using the hashtag #enough and the users have been using the social media to make the word spread. The students have been fighting for a change and vowing for, “NEVER AGAIN”.

Victims of school shootings take to social media to express sympathy in the aftermath of a school shooting, others have been using it as an opportunity to call for change. The topic of school shootings has become very common in the United States in recent years. Students have been recalled tweeting, “My school is being shot up and I am locked inside.” More than 20,000 students have shared that tweet specifically, and also have been uploading videos of the shooting to Snapchat.

Students and supporters protested outside the White House with the hope of sending Donald Trump a message that enough means enough, they planned a walkout on March 14 and March 24 to spread the word: Enough. The students or victims are using social media to make the word spread by showing their stories of the risk these students are living through.


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