Phone use in school

Is a phone a tool to help or is it a distraction in school for students?

Cell phones in school are a distraction due to the fact that many students who are on the cell phone don’t pay attention during class. During school time, the students spend more time on their cell phone rather than studying. Some teachers say that the cell phone is a great disturbance and an obsession for the students. They also say it’s a mental illness because, without a cell phone, they can not live. Teens feel the need to have their phone day to day. Sometimes cell phones are used as tools in school to search information on the internet, but most of the students take advantage of the time to use it for social media.


Many students use it appropriately, but others decide not to use it appropriately for school. I interviewed Maria Mosqueda“Do you think the cell phone usage in school is a tool or a distraction?” Maria Mosqueda confirmed that phones are actually a distraction in school because instead of paying attention to the class, students are actually paying attention to when they receive a text notification. Sometimes teachers end up having to stop class because the majority of the students just won’t pay attention.


Cell phones are also used to do homework at home, but it is more like a great distraction. Cell phones are taking over the human brain. The more the phones are used the less the students get their work done. Instead of spending time on games and in social media, they should get their work done in order to be on track with their assignments.

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