EA (Electronic Arts) gets roasted for Battlefront 2


Battlefront 2 was released November 17, 2017 but EA or (Electronic Arts) has a problem.

EA thought it was a good idea to add microtransactions into the new game all games do. The mistake they made was that the more you pay the more you win and the less you have to work toward unlocking rankings and objects normally. The public had a major problem with that and in return they, “roasted” EA online, on TV, on Youtube, and at events like the 2017 Video Game Awards.

EA has received several types of threats, with most common being death threats. Several other gaming companies have made statements and some made even videos criticizing EA and their choice to include microtransactions that make you win some of these gaming companies are Bethesda, and Blizzard. It does not look good for EA, since they have already taken a major hit on sales of the game.


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