Parents Divorce and how it affects the family.

Parents divorce is very common everywhere around the world.

There are lots of reasons of why parents end up in divorce. In general, divorce is produced when a couple feels like they can no longer get along or want to be together. The main cause for this happening is because they argue most of the time or get mad at each other very often or just because the love they felt for each other when they married does not exist anymore. Another reason for a divorce can be because one of the parents fall in love with someone else. In some cases, it could also be due to the consumption of alcohol, violence, or no communication. Sometimes nothing happens but the parents decide to live separate.


Did you know teens commonly think that it’s their fault when their parents are in the divorce process? Some teens think it’s their fault because they did not behave, listen, or because they decided to make bad choices. What they do not know is that it’s because their parents don’t want to be together, for whatever the reason might be. It’s the parent’s decision when divorce comes and depending on if they have a family, the parents should find a way of telling their kids what is going on they have the right to know of why the parents are getting divorced even though an easy way to tell them does not exist. They can’t really do anything but it is still both of the parents’ responsibility to tell their kids of what is going on and the decisions that will be made.


I got the chance to interview one of the students. I asked the question “Have you ever experienced parent divorce? If not what is your opinion about it?” Cassandra Mota replied “No I haven’t experienced personally a parent divorce, but my opinion and views about this type of situation are straight up. Stuff like that does affect any children from their family. There are many problems that it causes when it becomes to parents divorcing. They think for them it’s something easy but those who see it and live it see it’s not easy to go through a situation like that with your parents.”


Children who live in a house without both parents have a higher chance that they will develop personal problems, bad behavior, and bad conduct. Many kids and teenagers are affected by their parent’s divorce. In many cases, the teens fall into depression, frustration, and don’t know what to do since so many things are in their head. Sometimes if both of the parents don’t pay attention to them they can end up committing suicide and taking their life away. Parents should not force them to anything- it’s up to them of who they want to go with.  


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