Gelo Ball

lithuania-liangelo-ball-first-pro-gameLiAngelo Ball, Known as Gelo Ball is a 6´6¨ and 230-pound basketball player. He’s the son of LaVar and Tina Ball. He was caught shoplifting in the Hangzhou, China mall escapade on November 7, 2017. This all happened when he was in season playing for UCLA in China. Gelo and his two teammates Cody, Riley and Jalen Hill, who shoplifted together were suspended from all activities including playing games and going to practice for four months. The Ball family did not like that at all, especially Gelo who ate, slept, and dreamt basketball. LaVar Ball, Gelos’ dad decided to take Gelo out of UCLA stating, “I’m going to get Gelo in shape. We’re going to work him out. We’re going to do some other things and he’s going to be headed to the NBA,”

He has a younger son, LaMelo Ball (16 yrs old) out of Chino Hills High School, who has already committed to UCLA to sign a one year contract with Lithuanian pro team.

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