Preseason Baseball

Weld Central Boys Baseball is one of our 3 spring sports, which is soon to begin. Baseball preseason workouts have started, giving the players a chance to warm up and show the coaches they want to be there and participate in playing in this upcoming season. The boys had morning pitching practices for the pitchers and catchers and their after school hitting practice, to work off the rust.

Seniors seem to be making up the whole varsity team this year. Sadly, it’s their last year, making it the most stressful season.  Dawson Lang and Devon Bonney, two of our seniors,  agreed they were excited to play with the team for the last time. Dawson says, “It’s all or nothing so we better go out with a bang”. I’m sure all the seniors are feeling this way. Devon explained he expects the best out of this season since it’s the last time and hopes to pitch games. We wish these seniors the best season, and we are rooting for you.

The coaching staff is expecting great things out of the team and of the seniors, due to it being their last year, the school body and the staff expect one last playoff push this season. Les Tapia, is the boys head coach, he’s been around since the senior’s freshman year, and even before that. They all have grown and experienced great things together throughout these 4 `years.  Expectations are set high for this season as the seniors move on to bigger and better things.


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