Man on the Run for Allegedly Killing an Officer

Photo by: Robert Ray and Nick Valencia, CNN

          On January 9, 2017, Markeith Loyd killed Debra Clayton in Orlando, Florida. Debra Clayton was looking for Markeith because he had been accused of shooting his pregnant girlfriend, Sade Dixon. Debra Clayton had found out Loyd was at a Walmart. Markeith had shot Debra and after that, he was still on the wanted list, for killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and for killing a police officer.

          Markeith Loyd had been spotted at a Walmart and police officer Debra

Clayton had been informed by a customer. After she was told, Loyd was at the

          Walmart, Officer Debra Clayton confronted Markeith.  He ran behind a pole and started shooting at  Officer Clayton, Loyd shot at Debra three times, but she didn’t die until he went over to her body, and shot her in the head. The witness had said, “ I wished there was more I could do, but it happened so fast”.  Police spent days searching for Loyd.

          When Markeith Loyd finally was found, he had been hiding out in an abandoned house in Orlando’s Carver Shores area. As Loyd was walking past the news reporters he said “ They beat me! They beat me!” multiple times. At Loyd’s capture, he was dressed in body armor with two handguns; he was planning on running again. He was charged with two counts of murder and being held without bond at the Orange County Jail.


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