Makeup Tips and Pointers

The following information is for students who struggle knowing what to do with their makeup. It can be a lengthy process, but trust me, once you’re finally finished it will be worth it!


Let’s start with name brand vs. drugstore brands.

Many people are so fascinated with having name brand makeup items from Anastasia, Urban Decay, Fenty, and more, but these products aren’t affordable for everyone. There are many makeup “dupes” online that offer a less expensive product that has the same outcome. Drugstore makeup can actually be very high quality. So, if you’re looking into starting a makeup collection at a not-so-expensive price, leave Sephora and walk into Target.


Basic Makeup Looks

If you’re in search of a look that isn’t too bold and doesn’t take long, you’re in the right place.


  1. Start with a primer. You want to pick something that will be beneficial for your own skin in the long run.
  2. Find the correct foundation. You want to pick something that compliments your skin tone but doesn’t change it. Apply a dime size amount all over your face, eyelids, and blend all the way down to your neck. Be sure to use a blender sponge that is damp, it will prevent any unwanted marks and lines from showing.
  3. Figure out the shade you want for your eyebrows. You should only go the same shade as your hair, or one shade darker to fill them in. You’ll want to have them be as natural as possible for this look. Only shade in the eyebrow you have, and then fill in missing pieces, if you have any.
  4. Finally, find a mascara that works for you. This part is totally your preference! However, don’t pick a waterproof mascara(it will make your lashes fall out) and don’t apply more than two coats. No clumps here!


Keep checking this website for my next portion of makeup tips, General Tips which features moisturizer, contour, and lips!

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