Taliban Attack in Kabul

On January 27th 2018, the Taliban managed to pull off a terrorist attack in Kabul Afghanistan. The blast occured around 12:45 pm local time.

The Taliban drove an ambulance filled with explosives onto a crowded street. In order to get there they passed through a checkpoint into a safe zone. This quickly turned into one of the biggest attacks on Kabul, in months. The ambulance killed more than one hundred people and injured about 235 more people.

This was just another reminder of tragedy in Afghanistan. The Taliban has stated that the attacks were a message to president Donald Trump who last year sent more troops and more airstrikes in order to assist Afghan forces. This has gotten attention in the United States and president Trump put out a statement saying “ The Taliban’s cruelty will not prevail. The United States is committed to a secure Afghanistan that is free from terrorists that would target Americans, our allies, and anyone who does not share their wicked ideology.”  

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