Kenny Washington

Kenny Washington was the first African American man to be drafted in the NFL. He was born on August 31, 1918 in Los Angeles. His parents were not really in the picture; he was mostly raised by his grandmother and uncle. His uncle was one of his biggest role models; he taught Washington how to be a man, and be respectful to others. In high school Washington played baseball and led his school to the playoffs. Six months later, he lead his football camp to the state championship. He then moved on and was passed off to the NFL, however he was not drafted, because there was a ban on black people in the NFL. However, Washington didn’t quit there. He played for a professional league for two years before being accepted to the Los Angeles Rams, which ended the 12 year ban on African American players in the NFL. After claiming his place as a running back for the Rams, Washington led the most rushing yards for the Rams at the time and, leading the team just like he did as a younger adult.

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