Wrong timing, wrong alert!

“A man in Hawaii sent a false missile alert on January 13. It caused more than a half hour of panic for people. People at the Emergency Management agency worried the drill was done wrong.” However the man who “doesn’t want to be identified for security reasons” thought the missile drill was real, said CNN. Almost all of Hawaii had to be notified that day of the missile alert being fake.


“He feels terrible about what happened, but he did what he was trained to do” said the man from (HI-EMA). “He was with HI-EMA for eleven and a half years. He went on his computer and used a menu to issue the alert. The man was involved in five previous missile drills. He had experience with missile drills.”


“Bruce Oliveira was in control of a HI-EMA investigation when the incident occurred, and they said earlier that week five employees heard this was an exercise guidance”, said Bruce. “When the man who sent the real-world alert became confused and suddenly just stopped, someone else had to take over his duties for him.” Oliveira said “the employee had a history of perplexing drill and real-world events.” However, “the man still disagreed with the state’s explanation of what had happened and claimed there was no one in the room that said it was a drill.” “The man put blame on the alert due to a shift change, lack of training, and the drill not being announced.”


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